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GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS - Penthouse #11 (November 2017 / USA)

Penthouse — популярнейший американский мужской эротический журнал. Кроме США выпускается на различных языках по всей планете и считается одним из самых известных в мире брендов. Отличается от Playboy более «жёстким», но, в тоже время, высокопрофессиональным сексуальным содержанием.Каждый выпуск журнала предлагает статьи про мужской образ жизни, подвергаются по темам, в том числе мода, автомобили, музыка и эксклюзивные интервью. Команда в Пентхаус представляет каждый выпуск с волнением и радостью, чтобы быть предсказуемым в этом надежным ресурсом для мужчин.

8: FORUM - This month's reader exploits.
10: THE DEORIEF - Curated news from around the world.
20: MUSIC - Women who rock our world. By Chris Collingwood
22: (WOJMAN OF THE МОМЕНТ - Natasha Leggero makes fun of everyone but herself.
24: CRUSH - New York artist @scientwehst Photography by Natalia Mantini.
26: FILM - The most beautifully flawed leading ladies. By Sarah Walker
28: GAMING - Star Wars: Battlefront II
30: WEIRD HISTORY - Samuel Beckett vs. Andr6 the Giant. By Michael Hingston
32: A GUY WALKS INTO A BAR... - Women give us the low down on first impressions.
33: SPOILER ALERT: SIZE DOES MATTER - How do you measure up?
34: ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT? - Chris Nieratko’s sex-toy review for those who don't know their ass from their elbow.
36: RETRO: WOMEN IN UNIFORM - Penthouse Pets of the past get down and dirty.
42: SUPERBAD - “Improper Etiquette" podcasters Laura Stylez and Leah McSweeney. Interview by Kathy landoli
48: HIGH MAINTENANCE - How please your high-maintenance bitch. By Mish Barber-Way
50: VOICE OF REASON - Women-orvwomen sexual politics. By Alan M. Dershowitz
52: IF THESE LEGS COULD TALK - November Pet of the Month, Lena Anderson.
72: GANGSTER GIRLS - Seven women who held their own in the male-dominated world of crime syndicates. By Seth Ferranti
80: CYBERCUTIE - CyberCutie Nova Patra. Photography by Mandy-Lyn.
88: ASK FABER - Advice for whatever plagues you. By Steve Faber
90: STOCKS AND BONDAGE - Jenny Nordbak’s secret year in an L.A. dungeon.
92: GIRL ON GIRL : COME-DRUNK - Pets Jenna Sativa and Gina Valentina
102: HOT LINES - Leah McSweeney keeps us in check.
104: THANK GOD FOR SLUTS - Praise to the women who taught us to be good in bed. By Trade Egan Morrissey
110: IN FOCUS - The mysterious nudes of photographer Emma Salmon.
118: EMBRACE THE SUCK - The dangers of banning transgender service members. By Matt Gallagher
122: YOU LET ME DOWN - Parents just don’t understand. By Joe DeRosa

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