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Cara Luna - Playboy Sweden - October 2017

Playboy - популярный глянцевый журнал для мужчин, основанный в Чикаго в 1953 году Хью Хефнером и его соратниками, выросший в настоящую империю Playboy Enterprises, влияние которой распространяется на все области медиа. Плейбой Швеции - охватывает широкий тематический спектр: яркие фоторепортажи со светских раутов, эксклюзивные съемки знаменитостей, самые красивые женщины мира, впечатляющие рассказы о путешествиях, престижные автомобили, мужская мода и современный стиль жизни.


LET’S PLAY Escape with the adventurous Jhene Aiko on the singer-songwriter's upcoming release, TRIP 17 ... 10
SEX Why aren’t more men writing erotica - is it because women don't want them to? ... 12
GIRL FEATURE Melissa Hurst, the registered nurse and fashion model who loves to connect people and nature ... 14
MUSIC Vic Mensa almost didn’t live to see the release of his thrilling debut album, The Autobiography ... 22
POLITICS Raise your fist (and scratch your head) for the Trump-era return of protest music ... 24
GIRL FEATURE Brooklynn Bauman, the 100% all-natural beauty who's passionate about travelling and animals ... 26
INTERVIEW Patton Oswalt brings an astonishing openness to his life’s tragic turns and how he confronted them with comedy ... 34
ADVISOR Columnist Bridget Phetasy on when it's okay to have sex with a best friend’s ex ... 42
COVER FEATURE Cara Luna, the German-born beauty, fashion blogger and model ... 44
LEWIS HAMILTON Cars, cans and moto GP glory ... 52
BUSY BEING BORNS The indie singer and fashion ambassador talks Gucci, haircare and getting weird ... 52
GIRL FEATURE Lauren Fleishman, the writer and artist fascinated with sexuality, human psychology and breaking taboos ... 64
20Q From her open DMs to her proudly biracial heritage, pop powerhouse Halsey proves no topic is off-limits ... 72
GIRL FEATURE Dee Boers, AKA DJ Dstyle shows us just how sexy and girly girl she can be ... 78
TV Diary of a sports journalist; the thrills and excitement of the Barcelona Catalunya MotoGP ... 86
GIRL FEATURE Amber Contant, a touch of Southern beauty straight out of sunny Mississippi ... 88
PARTY JOKES This month's gift of the gab, or is it 'gag'? ... 88
ON THE COVER Cara Luna, Marc Collins

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