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Missy Marie Playboy Africa April 2018

Missy Marie Playboy Africa April 2018

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Playboy Africa - типичное местное издание мужского образа жизни Африки. Плейбой был основан в 1953 году, и это самый продаваемый ежемесячный журнал для мужчин в мире! Ни один другой журнал не развлекает вас с качеством, стилем и голой правдой Плейбоя. В каждом номере самые красивые в мире женщины, советы о сексе без цензуры, интервью знаменитостей, фантастика и юмор, известные карикатуры и анекдоты, стимулирующие статьи и, конечно, роскошные радующие глаз фотомодели.


POLITICS US Democrats aim to play seat-stealers this mid-term season; here’s how they can win 10
DRAWN DATA We're hack with another segment of interesting stats and facts 11
TV Apocalypse how? The British cop drama Hard Sun leads a wave of new takes on the end of the world. 12
PRETTY H U RTS A handful of new shows changes the rules for female television characters 14
PICTORIAL Kayleigh Swenson, the stunning Viking barbie is obsessed about all things psychology and French fries 16
GAMING From pirates to gods to cars, we ’re delivering on all your gaming fantasies 24
RIDE Go on an adventure with the all-new totally Motorrad BMW G310GS 24
PROFILE Steven Pinker is a man with an uncommon message: Life is actually really good 30
PICTORIAL Shana Lee Kim. a laid-back nature enthusiast bombshell 34
INTERVIEW John Krasinski, now directing and producing, has come a long way from his Office cube 42
COVER FEATURE Missy Marie, is an exotic wild child who is mad about animals and exploring new cultures 50
POWERNAP Dream creatures threaten to become real in an exclusive comic from Maritza Campos and Bachan 58
PICTORIAL Ainsley Adams, the gorgeous southern girl who loves to let it loose in the kitchen 64
FICTION Reality TV launches into zero gravity in Go, Space Racer! by Curtis C Chen 72
FOREVERFI Witness evolution at the unveiling of the Mercedes-AMG FI W09 EQ Power+ 80
PICTORIAL Victoria Lauren, is a competitive tomboy who isn't afraid to get a little dirty, but also loves dressing up 84
EXTREME SPORTS Enter DarkFEST to see some of the biggest jumps freeride mountain biking has ever seen! 92
ON THE COVER Missy Marie, photography by Luis Gomez

Издательство: Playboy Enterprises International
Год издания: 2018
Жанр: Мужской журнал
Формат: True PDF
Язык: Английский
Качество: Отличное
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